Vertical Separators

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Vertical separators are capable of handling large slugs of liquid and are therefore most often used on low to intermediate gas-oil ratio wellstreams. They are ideally suited as inlet separators to processing plants since they can smooth out surging liquid flows. They are well suited for handling production that contains sand and other sediment. When excessive sand production is expected, a cone bottom is placed in the vertical separator to properly handle the sand. Vertical separators occupy less floor space than comparably sized other types. This is an important consideration where floor space can be very expensive, as on an offshore platform. However, because the natural upward flow of gas opposes the falling liquid droplets, vertical separators may be larger and more expensive than a horizontal separator for the same gas handling capacity.


1. Wellstreams having large liquid to gas ratios.

2. Wellstreams having sizable quantities of sand, mud, or other related substances.

3. Areas having horizontal space limitations, but little or no vertical height limitations.

4. Wellstreams or process flow streams which large instantaneous volumes of liquid characterize.

5 .Upstream of other process equipment tolerating essentially no entrained liquid droplets in the gas.


2-Phase Separator

12 ¾" OD x 92" Seam-to-Seam Compressor bottle