The Original MaxiMizer Nozzle

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SRG International is the home of the "Original" MaxiMizer Nozzle™ which increases safety in and around enclosed production units and plants that use open flow liquid level controllers and actuators.

We have been selling the original MaxiMizer Nozzle™ since 1982.

S.R. Green developed the nozzle in conjunction with David Anderson. S.R. Green took the nozzle to Southwest Research Institute, and the nozzle was tested and proven by Engineer Gunter Rabsalabben, then the nozzle was put on field tests by AMOCO in the Traverse City MIchigan Field, under the direction of Stanley Kruppitiski, Head Engineer of the East Texas District of AMOCO.

The nozzle was proven to MaxiMize profits, MaxiMize safety, and reduce fugitive emissions. The MaxiMizer Nozzle™ pays for itself in a very short time. There are literally thousands of the "Original" MaxiMizer Nozzle™ operating today.

We carry full line of controllers and valves, actuators, etc.